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Max Q  |  Sometimes (7" Straight Rock Mix)

Here is Jeff's interview with Ollie Olsen, the creator of Jeff's all-time favorite song Sometimes by Max Q:

Ollie Olsen wrote, performed and produced Jeff's #1 all-time favorite song Sometimes. With Michael Hutchence from INXS on lead vocals, Max Q was a band formed by Ollie and Michael in 1989 shortly after INXS wound down their global tour for the Kick album. Ollie and Jeff talked about the entire process of writing and performing the songs on the album, including some amazing stories about how Ollie and Michael used all of the tools available to them at the time to collaborate across great distances (including pre-internet technologies like fax machines and mailing cassette tapes) to bring their vision into reality.

Decades ahead of its time, and despite relentless attempts by the record label and INXS' manager to not promote the album and disappear Micahel's involvement, the self-titled album Max Q has proven to be a durable example of the definitive musical brilliance of Ollie, Michael, and the Max Q band members. For Jeff, not only is the Max Q album his all-time favorite album, but the 7" Sometimes single mix is the absolute best song ever created. It was the thrill of a lifetime for Jeff to talk wth Ollie and learn all about it, and for Ollie to introduce Jeff's all-time #1 favorite song, Sometimes!